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Gotta love that diesel!!!


LawnSite Member
but it is a ford and it is a diesel. why would you want to bang it up like that.are those pics when it was brand new.how about after a couple of months of use any changes.like dents or scratches.i think my trucks are only getting about 3 or 4 mpg


Millenium Member
Slingshot, most of the photos were taken around March, it had 40000 miles I think. It now has almost 47000 miles and looks the same. I could have bought a car and a "real" lawn truck, but, I have a nice truck that my company pays for and I did not want to drive a car anyway, except for the PT Cruiser every once and a while. ;) In a few years I plan on buying a "real" lawn truck and I will have my truck paid for. I take very good care of my truck and clean it every week