Gotta love those detachable body systems

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ConstSvcs, Jun 1, 2009.

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    If anyone out there is debating the purchase of a system like this.............stop thinking and buy it ! It was surely an excellent investment (besides the CTL :) ) ! This brand is a Switch-n-Go.

  2. Gravel Rat

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    Any kind of rolloff truck is handy to have. I was going to build one but there just isn't enough work in the container business. I could build one heavier than the switch and go I would rather have full rail tails instead of a dead lift system which the switch and go is.

    With a dead lift you can get the front wheels to lift under a heavy pull because the rail tails are not there to help support the weight.

    The switch and go set up will pull alot more weight than what its rated for and will out work a hooklift any day.

    Sorry but hooklifts are powerless compared to a cable rail set up.

    If you have the work and the need for multiple bodies a rolloff is the way to go. The biggest thing is you should have a 4x4 because without a box or body on the rails you can get stuck pretty easy.

    I have gotten a tandem axle rolloff close to being a pull job with no weight the wheels like to hop and skip and your going no where.

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