gouges in asphalt from plowing.

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    What do you think about hot tar crack filler?
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  2. JFGauvreau

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    It could work, but I am afraid that if the cracks are to wide, and not deep enough, the material will not stick well. You could also do a test area to see how well it bonds to the gouges.

    Hot asphalt would not work in my opinion since the repair area is to small for hot asphalt.

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    Yea I was thinking the same thing. I want to find the best solution for my customer. What about perma patch? Have you ever heard of that? It comes in 30 pound buckets
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  4. ztman

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    You can get something like this to fill the holes. Both Lowes and HD sell it in bags as well at about half the cost. Key is neatly filling the crack and proper compaction. Depending on the width of the crack, I have used any thing from a cap block to a two pound small sledge. A tamper wont give you good results. Its a tedious task, but produces a good result. It the black top is faded, I dust the block or sledge with a little cement powder. Helps with the patch not sticking to you compaction device as well
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    Hire a professional and quit screwing around. The fact that you're asking for product and application advice shows you're over your head.
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  6. salopez

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    hot tar works, but does not look as nice as the trowel on product. you can tape off each gouge or the whole area and make it look like nice patches...the hot tar will look like dribbles of hot tar....

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