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Discussion in 'Irrigation Pumps & Supplies' started by Gman2310, Jun 12, 2018.

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    I recently bought a house last year. It has well pump for irrigation. The pump is a gould j10s pump. The housing on it was cracked. I replaced the housing and the pump worked great for a week and then the motor seized up on it. I was just going to replace the pump instead of throwing parts at it. My question is, is the J10s the right pump or should i be looking at another series, like a GT10s. The pump is only used for lawn and irrigation.
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    Well the question begs to be answered, what kind of GPM / PSI are we looking at? Number of zones / heads per zone / type of heads?

    Its usually best to replace with the same pump, assuming the original is correctly sized for the job.
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    the J10 is a jet pump and the GT10 is a centrifugal - jet pumps give more pressure, and sprinkler systems require pressure

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