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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Apr 10, 2005.

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    I was searching for government bids, and this came up. These are 3 peices that i cut and pasted from the city commisioners town meeting.

    We are paying for someone doing a job. This evening, I weeded at Station 29, which I feel was the job of this person. My son bid on it, but whoever does the job needs to put pride in their program. Even if he has not done the job for the rest of the year, when you are up for bid you should at least have it done. I understand that there are concerns about managing the contract. But in my experience, the properties that you are doing the lawn work on, are suppose to look good. If you are not responsible, then communicate that. I think cutting the hedges should be the responsibility of the contractor.

    City Manager Edmunds stated: “ That the next lowest bid was $4,000.00 higher, and copies of all the bids were in the original packet.

    The whole issue that I brought up is that he is not maintaining the beds.” Director Bobowski – I think you are talking about the four feet on trimming the shrubs. That is a decision that we have made internally to limit the contractor to that height, and anything above that the City would maintain. With a lawn service contractor, we do not feel that they have the technical expertise to do the trimming that we want to be done. Lawn service contractors do not necessarily have the proper equipment to actually trim the hedges without damaging them. We are comfortable with our recommendation.

    So I conclude that city commissioners are nosy arrogant people that want to run other peoples lives. They are not happy with the service they are getting, they know the amount they are paying is rediculously low, and they think we have no idea what we are doing. Not to mention that his son bid on it. Oh and its not here, but the amount for the year was $4950. So the next bid would have been $8950. That should sum things up for anyone but a complete moron (or government employee).
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    Scott, I'm not sure I follow you in your thread. But the Gov. always looks for the lowest bid, Plain and simple. I know I work in a gov. facility. They award a mowing contract every year to a handycap facility, people with learning disabilities. Now picture them mowing, now picture what our facility looks like. And the ***** of it is the handycap facility can look at all of the SEALED BIDS and bid lower, and they do. There is no understanding gov. agencies and never will be. The only thing you might be able to do is if they are not doing what they are supposed to complain to the right person and try to get them out of there. :waving:
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    When I meet with someone who lets it slip that the lowest bid will win over anything else, I just shake their hand, tell them I wot be the lowest by any means, and walk away.
  4. lawnman_scott

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    I realize they are looking for the lowest bid. But one of the people deciding is obviously not happy with the service. And most actually say the lowest competant bid, or something to that effect. I also was pointing out their arrogance, in regaurds to our ability to trim hedges, when they cant even figure out obvious things like if a bid is 1/2 what others are, and your not happy, its not going to magically change.
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    I work for a county government (fire dept.). There are rules in place that make it nearly impossible to accept anything but low bid. This in place to minimize payoffs etc. I am not saying that its right but I am saying that sometimes low bid is the only offer that will be accepted.
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    I have learned just over the past couple of months that when bidding on gov. accounts that you need to be real assertive and hold thier hand as you walk them through the presentation, explaining everything.

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