Government Contract Bids in PA

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by impman2005, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. impman2005

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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the government bidding process in PA. What does our state and local government look for in lawn service other the low cost? Where can I look for leads for government solicitation leads other than the DGS site? Also, I was wondering how to bid on rest stop and Median Maintanence. I keep searching the forums for info.
    Thanks for looking
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    I have done several in TEXAS, however I would NOT advise it right now. with the way the Government is, you could get caught up in a freeze. and if you read your contract you have to keep on working, " with out pay that is " it has happened several times in the past, last time it was 10 months with out pay....

    check your local state wed site for more info. it's NOT much fun. there are classes you may have to attend, to learn the process. FEE'S and such. they look for the lowest bid. <-------------Notice the period there
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    I am in Philadelphia and there was a freeze for a few months becasue the budget is so messed up. So no one got paid for a few months for mowing the city's property.
  4. ox6603

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    I would stay far far away from gov contracts in this state. If I had help to offer I'd offer it to my competition.
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    I mow a property for the state police. I was delayed on payment for one month only. They sent me a double payment the following month and we are now even. The only way I know to bid government jobs is through the website. You have to show insuranceand tax ID#. You will be assigned a vendor number. I am sure they do some type of background check. Bottom line, the lowest bid gets the job. Most contracts are for 3 years.

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