Government Contracts for Military Bases

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sodzilla, Apr 28, 2004.

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    I had a guy call me today. He said he works for a company that has the Gov. contracts for mowing military bases and needs bids from subs on two Army Reserve Bases in my area. He faxed me all the requirement info, including DOD standards for grounds maintenance, site maps along with sqf.

    According to the info I got there is alot of info you need to keep track of. Example is when doing a spring clean-up(needs to be done by May 15) you need to report aprox. how many cubic yards of stuff you are hauling away and where you are taking it. Grass must be mowed(mulched) no lower than 2" and never to reach a hight of over 5". Areas within five feet on either side of a fence must be mowed at 4".

    One of the bases is 45,000 sqf. The other is 153,000 sqf. They want bids for S/F clean-ups, Fert-W/C (3 aps.), weekly mowing, trimming,edging, prunning, tree work, and aerating once a year. Like I said he faxed me the info today(wed. 1:30 pm) and the bids are due at noon on Friday.

    Has anyone done this kind of work before? Are they decent work, or a PITA?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Gotta hurry and do time studies on executing the job and get a bid in.

    And then wait. Expect to wait often. Think: HOOPS.

    Neither sound huge, but, time will move at the speed of government, not at the speed of business.

    Even after you win the bid and are executing it.

    Tenuous relationships at best. Really have to have plenty of positive cash flow going at the same time from the traditonal resi and comm accounts, because you won't be getting paid but quarterly at best.

    Hardest part will be to carry that operating cost for that account for 120 days at a time. If you can't do it without credit- don't do it.
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    Around here the ones that have the military contracts have them until they quit, go out of business, or are fired for not doing the work. I say go for it.

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