government contracts?? I know again!!

Green Gopher

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Before anyone says it, I have done the search.:D

I was approached by a guy this weekend, really nice ex-vet. who is a project manager for the government. He may have a lead on a military contract and asked me to bid if they open it up.

I am working solo, small, and loving it. I have never (until now) considered hiring anyone else, because I feel unless you really cracking that the extra head aches and over head aren't worth it.

I don't have the specs on the this yet, but in general, can a solo guy work these and make any money? Are government contracts lucrative enough to make it worth hiring anyone? Has anyone ever had a contract without the B.S. that comes with working for our government?

I know they look at women owned and minority operated first. Lowest bid wins. Also they require prevailing wage and benefits for all your employees. Any other general requirements?

Any help would be great.

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South Carolina
A good friend of mine has a company, and takes care of a local Army reserve station. He has had the account for a number of years and has spoke highly of the experience. I dont know the numbers, but I do know his prices are generally on the high side. so for him to keep it and be happy, Im sure he is making money on it. Like anything else though, every customer will be different.


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I know things are different here in Canada, but we do all the mowing for a large military base here and we don't have any problems at all as long as work is done and we remember that the base commander is God to us as well (even if we are not military personnel)...we deal with an army engineer as our main contact.


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WE have been doing the local weather office for 5 years now. Its 1.5 acres of lawn.Shrubs , the usual stuff. There are no hassels with this account. As for prevailing wage , its the fed. or state min. which ever is higher. We did the airport here for two years (18 acres)and it was a pain.
The airforce base here has been done by the same contractor for years . They use mentally challenged employees. So no one here even tries to bid on it.

Green Gopher

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Thank you all for the help, I'm encouraged that so many are not having to many problems. I still need to do some penciling to see if the economics of a new crew will workout.