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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by stevo22, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. stevo22

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    has anyone ever heard of obtaining a gov grant for their business...i have done some research but most places want $$$ to see if you qualify...i do not mind paying 30-50 to someone to see if i qualify..thought that if there is free money out there doesn't hurt to try to get it..thx..
  2. Check with your city or state business development office, they will let you know about any grants and not charge you for the information.
    My guess is the other guys just want your fee.
  3. Lanelle

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  4. The Lawn Choupique

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    I beleive that if you would only spend the time building your own business rather than spending it looking for a goverment hand out, you would not need to be placed on a welfare program in the first place.
  5. Nebraska

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    Lawn Choupique,

    Not a very tactful way to say it, but like your Libertarian message.
  6. stevo22

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    lawn choupique--
    i will say this quick and try to not go beyond the site quidlines..first of all i have over a 5 figure household income, that is a number w/ four numbers or zero's behind it, in case you didn't know...wait a minute, i know that you don't know that because that is entirely too much money for you to even conceive of ever making in a lifetime muchless one yr..

    secondly--welfare, what is that, i have never heard of it..seems like you know exactly what it is...plz advise..

    third--not looking for a hand out..i pay lots of taxes for the government..the way that i see it is that if they can give me any funding i will put it to good use and make even more tax money for them in turn..

    four--your profile says that you are in the south, well guess what, i am too...have you ever heard of a guy named roy d. mercer...i am sure someone on here will enlighten you if you have never heard of him..

    lanelle--i did do a search, i always try to so i don't waste everyone's time..i did see a couple of old post but not the one that you put on your note...thx for doing that...
  7. Lanelle

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    Your Welcome. That thread had stayed in my memory because at that very time my father was trying to convince me to spend the money on the books mentioned. I didn't order them.
  8. nu83

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    Five figure income? Why did you mention that, did you mean 6 figure imcome, or were you telling him that you have a limited household income, I dont understand what you are getting at.

    From my general research on grants I have found that there is very little chance of receiving one in this industry, not impossible but usually they are given with the hope that you will benefit the person or entity in this case the government in some way later. So you would have to convince them that by giving you money you would be able to grow your company and in doing so in one way or another benefit society.

    Yes you (and the rest of us - besides lawn choupique) pay alot of taxes for us, but if you look at it from the governments side as an industry and especially individually we pay very very little. Think about who you would give grants to if you were in charge, would you give it to a guy wanting to start a plumbing co? an electrician? a lawn service?
  9. Nebraska

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    Come to think of it I made a FIVE FIGURE INCOME when I was 16! A whopping $10,000! What is your point with disclosing that you make as much as everyone else on here?
  10. stevo22

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    nu83 & nebraska--i was simply tring to confuse mr choupique..i know it does not take much most of the time but i was just trying to see if he would catch the 5-6figure thing...the reason i stated that i have a 6 figure income w/o telling exactly what i make is that he was insinuating that i should be on welfare...i don't think that i would quailify for welfare...i bet he does though...

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