Government mowing contracts

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by green acres lawns, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. green acres lawns

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    What kind of experience's has anyone had with government mowing contracts.
  2. jaybird

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    thats all we do. no private work at all. works out fine.
  3. lawn_jockey

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    While Stationed in Missouri on Whiteman AFB there was a company awarded the contract for unoccupied military Housing. He grossed about 60K for one year. Kept 4 employess busy all year. THere was also a completely different contract for mowing on the same base for all the Office buildings like the base exchange and the childcare center and bowling alley. If you are looking for work on a military base the Person to contact is usually the Housing office or government housing maintenance contractor. Bids are put in every year in January February time frame. At least it was put that way in Missouri. They like to hear the words. "Yes, I can handle the entire contract." I made the mistake of saying that I could only handle half the load. I was full time military. Thought I wouldn't have time for the extra hours of mowing. Another fella bought two Commercial Z's and made a bundle. I ended up getting bigger equipment and covered all the occupied units. But I would have loved to mow 20 yards on each street. One big pass and you make 1000 bucks. Pricing should be realistic of local pricing and don't be afraid to shave off a buck here and there. After all you will be concentrating your efforts more than likely within a 3 mile radius. No Downtime.
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    Personally, depends on the red tape that you have to go through.

    I currently mow a school district, and parks for the local township.

    No red tape, just send the contract price invoice in every month, 15 days later get a check.

    I had an opportunity to place a bid on a National Guard Amory once. The envelope of paperwork they gave me literally weight 3 lbs. Said no thanks. No $60 / week job is worth that.
  5. lawnchopper

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    my experiance is that they always go for the lowest possible bidder. Its all about price and not quality.
  6. lwcmattlifter

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    The local gov can be slow to pay some times (up to 60 days) and always go for the low bid. Most of the parks in my area want the contractor to pick up any trash or debris on the ballfields. This can be a PITA if kids come by and tip the cans over. Some times they are picky about when you mow ballfields and parks. The contract will state the height they want the grass mowed at on the field and off the field. I'm not sure about your area but in Fairfax county almost all the ballfields get cut twice a week.Obviously you can't work on evenings or weekends because of games and practice. Summer camps will throw a wrench in things too. If the Park Authority is working on the field they wont tell you, you can't get on the field until you show up. I used to work for the Park Authority and always felt bad telling contractors they can't mow because the fields are closed. When doing right-of-ways, clearings, and bike/walking paths they are not picky. Are you going to bid on local or state?

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