Governor Stud Seal?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Desert Rancher, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Desert Rancher

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    I have a Kohler Command 20 (Ch20S) on a Lincoln Welder (Ranger 8). Has 250 hours on it. Hadn't been used for about a year. Had always started great, but not this time. Realized the sun had gotten to the fuel lines. Replaced them and started and ran well for about 20-30 mins when I noticed what I thought was oil coming out around the stud holding the governor assembly. Shut it down and found the crankcase had fuel in the oil. Looked at the diaphragm of the valve -cover- mounted fuel pump and found it torn. Going to replace that assembly along with the crankcase breather/gasket located under the carb as well as change out the oil.
    My question is, will the leak around the governor stud go away or am I needing to replace some sort of seal on it inside? What's involved with that and how big of a job would it be?
    The stud has a little up and down play in it (maybe 1/16"). Is that normal?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. BigFish

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    The seal can be replaced from the outside. Clean up the shaft area and you'll see it. It's recessed, so it's a pain to pick out, install the new one slightly recessed.
    The play is OK.
    For a free shop manual go to Kohlers website and download.
  3. piston slapper

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    Insert a nail or a wire through the hole in the governor shaft while replacing the seal.
    If the shaft falls in, you get to pull the back plate off the engine.
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  4. Desert Rancher

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    Hey, thanks for that. Didn't realize there's a thin washer on top of the housing between the seal and the cotter pin holding the shaft. Just went out and took a gander at it. Yep, there it is. Thanks a bunch. Couldn't get a download for the manual earlier, but I'll try again. Take care

    Desert Rancher
  5. Desert Rancher

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    You got that right, Piston Slapper. Saw my Dad Learn that lesson one time. That pin has tweezers, needle nose pliers, vice grips, bar clamps, C clamps, and chewing gum attached to it before I pull that pin out! Appreciate the input
  6. ffemt1271

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    I just changed one on a briggs vanguard 31, i went to harbor freight and bought a set of dentist picks, makes getting the old seal out asnap
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  7. Desert Rancher

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    Yes, thanks. I keep a set of picks in the shop. Wasn't too bad. Thanks everyone
  8. VegetiveSteam

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    Getting the fuel out of the crankcase and getting the oil level back to normal will probably take care of it without having to change that seal.

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