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GPS in mowing trucks???


LawnSite Platinum Member
Does anyone here right now run either a fixed GPS, or handheld in their trucks, where you can set up a route, and once you reach the location, it'll automatically (preferably) or manually jump to the next location??

I'm putting a bid in on a city, and they have 9 parks, 13 paths, 11 lift stations and 3 water towers they need mowed.

It'd be nice to be able to drive to each one, enter the location into a GPS, then have it where you start at one edge of town, and the GPS tells you how to get to the next closest location.

Right now I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 in the truck, but that's more for firewood deliveries. I COULD set this one up to do this, but I would have to manually "click" on the touchscreen which location I wanted to go to next.

Just wondering if there's one that automatically goes to the next location????


LawnSite Senior Member
I couldn't find the bathroom in my house without GPS. There is NOT one that gives you the closest location (that I know of cuz I sure as heck could use it) however, if you go to mapquest.com, they have a beta program that allows you to enter multiple locations (up to 10) and you can organize from there the route you want to take, enter the locations into GPS and go from there.

Good luck my cant find your way out of a paper bag friend. <---pot calling the kettle.


LawnSite Platinum Member
I personally can just drive to each place and enter it into the GPS in my truck now.

What I'm looking at, is for down the road, in the next year or two.

I'm very VERY close to hiring a guy on salary, and would like to be able to have a GPS unit in the truck where you could have the route for the day already programmed in. Then, when the truck reaches each location, it automatically adjusts itself to take the driver to the next location.

This way, you don't need a route, just someone to drive wherever the GPS gets you.

My Garmin Nuvi gets me within 20' of actual locations, which is easily close enough to know where lawns are at. However, it's not accurate enough for measurements of sq ft for properties, but I don't want it for that either.

I COULD just enter them all into the Nuvi, but then the person would have to manually go through the list of properites on a route sheet for that day, and manually click on the touch screen the "name" (lift station #1, lift #2, Swenson Park, etc.) and go down the route list.

Yes, I realize that's easily done, but just wondering if there's not an option so you can just have whatever day's schedule into the GPS right off the bat, and just click on "Tuesday" and wha-la, the GPS sends you on the route???


LawnSite Fanatic
I am buying GPS enabled smart phones with moble windows from Cingular with a Corrigo back office for PM and work orders as we speak. My Crews have real time acess to the work order system from the phones and the system intergrates with Quickbooks in real time too.