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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PR0 TURF, Jan 17, 2003.

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    We currently have 2 enclosed trailers stocked with equipment. Security on the two of them has been a constant issue on my mind lately. I don't really believe in the ball/hitch locks necessarily...basically I haven't seen much in the form of a "lock" to secure these from theft.

    I recently read in etw's equipment thread about GPS being installed on enclosed trailers. I've done some minor research but have not come up with much info.

    Does anyone currently have this installed on any of there trailers? Any info on price...installation...where you got it...monthly costs or a one time charge? I don't really know anything at all about GPS but I do think this would give us the best oppurtunity to retrieve our setup if it was stolen.
  2. PR0 TURF

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    Any other enclosed trailer security thoughts & ideas besides GPS would be appreciated.
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    A friend has his trailer GPS equiped, I will be in touch with him tomorrow regarding costs. I do know that he pays $30/month (CDN) to have it tracked from 9pm to 7am every night. He also has it hooked up to a diesel truck that has a fuel shut off so that if the alarm is tripped the truck will only make it a couple of blocks away. Our enclosed was stolen over the holidays and I am currently considering this level of security as well.

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    A few suggestionsÂ…First use double locks on the trailer, a lock on the coupler and a gorilla lock in the hitch if disconnected from the truck. The next weak point is the ball, have the ball welded to the hitch, itÂ’s not uncommon for a thief to unscrew the ball, drop the drive shaft of the truck and roll it away, and then hook it up to their truck. Also a lock on the hitch itself is a must.

    I have a quote on an alarm system for my trailer and my truck, the trailer alarm will be self powered for when it is disconnected from the truck. The GPS think may work also.
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    I would second the recommendation for lojack. That is what the company does. This should also give you a discount on insurance. The real key is to go with what Kirby has suggested. Anything and everything you can do to prevent the trailer from getting stolen in the first place is well worth it.

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    I would suggest buying a boot that attaches to one of the tires-these are often used by municipalities or shopping centers when someone is illegally parked.Wouldbe criminals cant pull trailer away from location.
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