GPS trackers for your crews


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Want to know where your trucks have been , how long they were there ? How fast they were driving ? Are your guys doing other work on your time? Doa search on active and passive GPS trackers, they will give you more information than you could believe. A friend has one and we have put it in a few different trucks of various compaines to see where the employee has gone that day .


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yeah my dad has that on all fivety of his trucks including pickup's. he once caught a guy who was supposed to be greasing at a remote yard, going home for a few hours and coming back to punch out. now he watchs his fleet like a hawk. he uses


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Read up on the Gravely 260 - Z riders with the "Eye-Q" system on it !

They have a GPS module in it that can tell you where the machine has been. What hours it was used. How many hours it ran with the PTO turned on and turned off.

They have a system that tells which employee was running it. You issue each employee an ID card [like a credit card they keep in their wallet] When they set in the seat, the device can read the card in their wallet and records who was opperating the mower, and what time they were running it.

There is an "incident detector" that is like the tilt device on a pin ball machine. If the clown slams into a concrete curb with your Gravely, it records this, who did it, what time they did it, and where it was done. If you find who is tearing up your machines, you can boot the jerk out before he can cost you too much.

Employees can't get away with using your equipment to do "side jobs" for cash either. The Gravely rats em out. It tells every property it was at every day, and exactly how long it was there.

The good thing is that you can easily find out who your best employees are also. If the machine keeps a book on all its drivers - you can reward the quick, efficient careful ones, and boot out the useless ones.

It also keeps track of all the maintenance functions and signals when these things need to be done.

It even has a tachometer that sees what the actual blade speed is, and if this speed falls below a preset level, it tells the operator to get the blades sharpened !

What will they think of next ?

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