GPS Tracking TAG "Milwaukee One-Key"

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mmrogge, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. mmrogge

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    Anyone using the Milwaukee One-Key? There's a lot of trailer break-ins in my area lately. They're targeting 2-cycle equipment (blowers, edgers, weed whackers, chain saws). The mowers are too large to transport and too hard to sell. The equipment usually gets pawned or sold on craigslist/offerup/5miles/facebook/etc. I know there is GPS tracking available for your truck/trailer/mower. But what about your 2-cycle small equipment. I'm not finding anything... other than the Milwaukee One-key "tick" transmitters. I just ordered some and plan to test them out. Curious if any of you have found a good solution to GPS tracking small equipment.
  2. TPendagast

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    So are you aware how the tick works?

    One a one key Milwaukee tool the app allliwd you to shut the tool down rendering it useless

    But the tick only allows other people with the app active to see it
    So if you or anyone else with the app are close enough to the tool they will pick it up
    Then it gets reported to the internet and that lets you see it because they are close enough

    Ticks are obvious and they can be removed
    Although since they are new enough I don’t think people will know to remove them yet

    I think (not sure) if an item on your tick inventory is stolen you can list it as such and anyone else close to your unit will then realize it’s stolen too (I think they can see that I’m not sure tho)

    I’ve seen other people tools with the app
    But none of them were stolen at the time so... just not positive on that.
    If it ends up at a pawn shop with your tick still on it it’s easy to prove it’s yours
    Even if they remove the tick
    You still have a nice electronic data base with the serial number on your phone
    So there’s that

    I can’t remember the range on the tick
    It’s ok
    But not awesome
  3. TPendagast

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    Oh I forgot to mention
    If you have several crews make sure all your employees have the app
    It picks up on the app even if it’s not open or actively used
    Really helps keep track of what tools or on what job site
    That actually works better than tracing stolen items

    Inventory management is darn near flawless
  4. GlynnC

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    All thieves should be required to have the Milwaukee app so it would work for stolen property! It really is just for tool mgmt within your crews and works good for that. I returned all of mine after learning the app was required for a signal to be sent with location.

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