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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by marcusmac99, Dec 5, 2011.

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    THAT CAN HAPPEN, although the guys dont mostly care. we use it to check routes to make more money. if the company makes more, so does the crew leadersl. they are not paid by the hour, so the more they do, the more they make. also, comes on handy if we need to have something brought to us, or the bossman cant get us on the phone, he can come right to where we are for any emergency or need.
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    Messages: 223 ...mine is installed into a 12 volt supply under my dash hidden behind my radio ...I never started service yet though ...May help someone out looking for gps though ..
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    that sounds great, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of the workforce out there today is lazy and can't be trusted. trust is earned, it isnt just granted on day one of being employed. some of my employees who i thought i could trust more than others let me down. others i didn't think had a chance of sticking around proved me wrong. if you or someone is screwing the company, no matter what the reason, then the owner has every right to not trust you or them. screwing the company is screwing the company... there's no excuse for it. trust is earned.
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    sorry had you read we worked for the company multiple years.. we were not new hires. this was caused by corporate americas idea of micro managing... in the end unfortunatly they were loosing more then gaining from this. you are right about trust it is earned.. as a new hire would do.
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    Come on, I don't want to have to plug in a box when we get back to the office, I don't want something that I have to check to see where it is now but I can't know where it was 3 hours ago, I don't want to pay $40 a month per truck. I want a system that I can make a log from online of everywhere my trucks went in the last week, addresses, times the truck arrived, times the truck left. If my guys forget to fill in a time on a plow route I want to be able to match up their log with the gps log. If someone takes us to court for a slip and fall, I want to show what time we were there to salt. And I want to be able to locate 5 trucks for $100 or less a month, does anyone offer this??

    And 401, I trust my employees but would like to know if there is something going on that shouldn't be. Overall its a good decision for MY business, making and preserving profits, and I'M paying for it, therefore I don't really care if YOU are offended because YOU THINK I don't trust you. Don't do anything wrong and it won't matter. When you have employees and have to deal with all the B.S. that employers have to deal with you will understand. Stop whining!
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    Lol... not whining at all. Just my belief... good luck:usflag:
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    What the hell does your boss installing GPS have to do with losing freedom in this country?
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    Ok... so you want to track.. micro manage. I get it. Im woundering whats next?? A recorder?? so you can listen how the guys are laughing at you (hypothetical of course) or maybe a camera.. so when he is itching his ball$ you can see. This is my opinion. And i do see.. whether you agree that is freedom being taken away.. in this country. Im not going to argue my point any further. good luck with it:usflag:
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    The system I mentioned above does all of that for $20/month. I love this system. I always know where the trucks are, can build reports easily for stop time and about 50 other criteria, it sends me text messages when the trucks enter and leave our office complex, etc.

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