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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cooltype, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. cooltype

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    Do any of you all have experience installing GPS Tracking systems on your work trucks that will tell you where the truck is, where it has stopped that day, how long they stopped, etc. to help keep up with employees progress and keep everybody honest? If so what system are you using? Pros/Cons? Thanks in advance
  2. acculawnsystems

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    Yes, we have been using live view GPS. It does keep the workers more honest because they can not trump the GPS. It always tells the truth. We tell the crews that we have GPS on the trucks. Most do not like the fact that we do because they can not get away with much.
  3. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I've been using Realtrack GPS for several years. The device is hidden up under the dash. The best thing to do is to install it and don't tell your guys about it for a month. This way you can document any issues you see and find out if you've been getting the shaft. If you tell your guys right away it will let them cover their trail.

    I don't think anyone can beat RealTrack's GPS price of $18 per month. No contract and you can shut off service if any trucks are parked and not in use for a while. I've had multiple places call me trying to sell me on GPS but when I tell them about RealTrack and my price they don't know what to say.
  4. TX Easymoney

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    I've heard that works well...device is like 100 bucks...trying to get something to integtate with my clip scheduling program
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

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    You may have seen some of my prior posts. The device runs $180. GPS is so cheap now it's really a bad business decision to run your crew or crews blind from the office and assume their doing everything the way you intended.
  6. ToddH

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    I like to have something that will also push routes to the driver so they get to point a to b in the shortest way possible.

    Might sneak one on for a month or two so I can watch them but it is not so much as trust as it is trying to optimize time.
  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Your will find guys taking longer gas stops then noted, taking the long way to a job, guessing on jobsite billing times, and all sorts of thing. I've had a customer or two say we skipped their house and I told them the exact time we were there and offered to send them a GPS report. For mowing crews it's awful easy to do that quick side job when someone throws some cash at your workers. GPS has lots of good uses. You can use it to determine the budgeted time for mowing properties versus the actual times. Lots of good on going uses.
  8. Davids Lawncare

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    I been searching gps locater all day. Realtrack is the best Ive found so far. The units are 180 a piece and only 17.99 month unlimited tracking, mobile apps, and more. Sounds like a good deal so far. Im planning on installing them on my hustler z and wright stander ,which is my to most expensive pieces of equipment. Dewalt has one for 250 a piece but has lots of limits on tracking .
  9. seabee24

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    I've been busy with the snow, I have to go back and look as I researched it last year, never got around to buying tho.

    Best one, hands down.......made by a company called geotab. They make the unit so you have to find a distributer. I do know a place.

    These units, can actually sense g forces. And if the driver is driving aggressively you will know about it. And it can be set to beep and warn him about his driving as well. Tells you if they have a seatbelt on. Gives you engine data. And a ton of other things you can do. Even can get a "key card" for each employee, so you can tell who is driving. Even if your drivers end up in different trucks each time, you can still find the aggressive ones.

    Also they interact with lots of other technology's
  10. H & M Yard Improvements

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    It's just me and my partner and we both have an app on our iPhones called "find friends". We can track where each one of us are. I know not everyone has an iPhone but if you do or one of your employees do, it's worth checking out. The app is free the through the iTunes App Store!
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