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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Atlantic Lawn, Sep 18, 2004.

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    I've looked at several GPS systems, these are not real time units but only display info when you transfer it to your computer at the end of the day or week. Has anyone tried using a passive tracking system for their trucks ? I've seen a few systems offered that will track your crews, time on site, when and where trucks were parked, speed while traveling from job to job and of course any stops made at Hooters ! Thanks
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    A friend in the business uses a system similar to that to monitor his crews , he also has put it in his foremans truck to see if the truck was being used for personal business . It is amazing the detail he gets when he downloads the info. It can answer a lot of questions as to how the trucks are driven and the time spent on a job and even where they stopped for lunch.
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    The other family business of ours in a $100M concrete company. They've had GPS in their trucks for years. It's great to be able to watch a screen of all of your crews traversing the state. But the more valuable part is probably tracking costs and employee habits. :D
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    I worked for a company (not green industry) that had a real time GPS tracking system installed in all their trucks. Very early one Sunday morning one of their F250s and a 20' enclosed trailer was stolen from an employee's house containing about $20,000 in tools and equipment. The company called the GPS tracking company and found the location of the truck which at this time had been abandoned. They also got all the tracking information where the vehicle had been after it was stolen.

    After the thieves stole the truck they drove it to a house in a residential neighborhood and it was parked there for just a little over an hour. They then drove it about two miles and abandoned the the truck and trailer. The company called the cops and gave them the information and the cops arrived at the house just in time to see the thieves setting up the yard sale sign in their front yard.
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    My dads company uses for their waste trucks, and it is in real time not the phone kind (which you can get for nextels) but the truck mounted ones. A good story was when their night greaser took a truck from the city garage and was supposed to go to the suburbian garage, well instead he went home slept and a few hours later he went back to the city garage to punch out, lets just put it in the wrds of Mr. Trump, YOUR FIRED :realmad:
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    How spendy are these type of systems? Who can they be purchased through?
  7. Atlantic Lawn

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  8. Turf Medic

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    I saw an advertisement for ADT or ATD alarms, the people that do house alarms, they are now advertising GPS for your vehicle, with real time locating with your home computer. According to the advertisement, you can go on line and see the exact location of your vehicle 24/7. If I remeber correctly the price is around 30 bucks per month.

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