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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RX7, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Does anyone know anything about GPS vehicle tracking systems. I ran across a site,, that has tracking systems for vehicles. I thought that it could be helpful with watching over lawn care crews. Some of the systems let you see exactly what roads the vehicle was one and at what time. They track speed also, so one would be able to know if the driver was speeding. The system seems like it could be very useful for someone who is running multiple crews. Just thought I'd let ya'll know about it, and see if anyone has used anything like it before.:cool:
  2. $700 to $1300 a vehical.

    Once the price goes down some, I will take a better look.
  3. tazman

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    I bought last year a product called Mobile-Trak made by Neotech for $400. Worked real good. Found out my forman went home for a quickie with his wife and also he had travelled 80mph in my truck and trailer. Paid for it self real quick. I want to get another one for my other truck but they are not selling to end-users anymore. I have found another device called Traveleyes2, for $379. Looks pretty good. I may try it out. The cost are coming down. It is also good for tax reasons because you have a report on miles for your vehicles.
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    I know a guy whom set them up in his pool service on a couple of trucks ... really opened some eyes .... besides the checking out aspect ...once everyone knows their on the vehicle (might be easier to say they are anti-theft devices)

    What they really helped too do is schedule the routes better ...n give travel times n time spent on jobs ....which in turn allowed him to really get to the heart of job costing
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    I would get one for $400. It would give me piece of mind to know exactly where my crew is when I am at my desk job.
  6. Gravely_Man

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    That would be very nice if they were a little more affordable. Like everything electronic the price will come down. Hopefully sooner then later.

  7. IBGreen

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    Insurance goes down a bit too.

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