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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by meets1, Jul 5, 2005.

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    I am sending a guy out of town tomorrow to spray a large school system. No one is around to tell us exact boundaries - can anyone tell me if there is website that you can type in the address/location and it gives you an exact picture or SQ ft of our work area?
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    Unless you are used to looking at satelite imagery, you may have problems trying to accomplish your goal quickly. In addition, this is only going to give you a rough idea. In Keyhole you can draw polygons around the property boundary and measure by area to get the square footage or acres or whatever you wish. Your area measurement is only as good as your polygon. Keyhole will have various cities in hi resolution commercial imagery but there is no way to know how old the imagery is. You must be familiar with the area to be able to guess. If they don't have a hi res shot, you are stuck with 15 meter resolution which you will not be able to tell what is what. When I want to see square footage of a property I go to the tax website by county and search by address. It gives you sqaure footage and a rough map. You can email me direct questions if you like at
    I am a GIS (geographic information systems) geek full time.
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    I do this too. If I have time, before every estimate I look up the acreage on the county tax registration, and I look at a satellite Image to get a general idea of what to expect when I get there.
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    Sat images are ok, but won't give you the areas in sq. ft. or acres. They're great for recon but you may want to try one of the cheaper ($100-200) hand held G.P.S. units like the Garman company puts out, to actually calc. the area. They vary in accuracy along with price. They're available at alot of larger sporting goods outlets like Sports Authority and Bass Pro.

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    a few cities in my area actually have awesome maps on their can zoom in/out, reposition, give you property ID, square footage...anything you want. the pics are so good that you can see cars, the markings on the street....check your city's website.

    oh, wait. you are in iowa....i doubt that you guys will have that. no offense.
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    The taxing district (state, county, city etc.) usually has the plat info. Unfortunately most districts don't put this info on the web as it is time consuming and expensive. Usually the data must be entered by hand, one by one. You should check the websites of your local distrcits to see if they have a system like this:

    Just for grins do a search (in the lower left corner of the page) for parcel number 66207. That is my retirement property. About 2.5 acres. Click on the lot to zoom in and see the dimensions.
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    that is good, but not quite as good as ours...

    here is a screen shot of ours. look at the detail work and i have not even zoomed in al the way. the cars, trees, pools, etc.

    in the top left corner is the whole city. on the left side, we have a ruler that you can measure your own distances if you want to.

    i got a call from someone, i looked it up. went there and asked, "where are the trees that used to be in the back yard?"....she said, "How did you know? They cut them down last year" was funny.

    look at the area, address, parcel code, perimeter, etc...

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    Does anyone use GIS to plan their routings? keep client info? production info?

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