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  1. Tadams

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    I was talking to a friend who works for a cable company installing cable and I heard an automated voice in the background in his truck and I asked him what that was and he said that it was a GPS and that it gave him directions to the customers houses. I thought that was a good idea. Does anybody use it to locate houses? If so, does it work good? Cost? Pros & cons?
  2. K.Carothers

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    I've heard of gps to see where your crews are but not to find the clients house. If you have a crew leader that can't remember the route get a new crew leader.

  3. Lawn Masters

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    GPS might be good if you want to keep track of your crews and where they are, how long they sit in one place, and such things. but as has been said, if the crew leader cant remember the route, get a new leader.
  4. HydroRI

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    Hi Todd,
    I just bought the Lowrence iway 500C. This is a dash mount touch screen that plugs into the cigarette plug in your vehicle. YES it is as good as it sounds. You can type in any address in the USA and it will take you there turn by turn. You can follow the directions on the screen or just listen to the voice navigation. Extremely accurate. If you get off course it will recalculate the route and find a new direct route. This thing will take you right to the front door. You will never get lost. There are other ones out there like the TOM TOM and other brands like Garmin.

    I work alone so this is my co-pilot because most jobs I do for Hydroseeding I have never been to before and I will probably never return in most cases. So it isn't like I am always going the the same properties. There are a ton of other features too, check it out:
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    I can see how they might use it where they are going to new different houses all the time, once you find a house once or your crews do, they should be all set because thats where you will be going regularly. Just doesn't seem worth it for us to use. IMO
  6. The Cowboy

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    Messages: 617 gets me wherever I want to go. I think this Satellite/Computer age is going a little too far. Soon we'll be getting into our trucks and they'll be programmed with all our routes and we wont have to do anything but press "Go" and it will drive us whenever and wherever it is programmed to go while we drink martinis and lounge in the back seat. Call me a luddite, but I am not going to give my direction finding senses to a computer, while my brain that is already too lazy gets in even less exercise.:gunsfirin
  7. ArizPestWeed

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    That GPS , wel , you have to have a 'puter hooked up to it to program it.
    Does not have a key board like my 'puter .
    I heard that UPS save millions a year using GPS .
    And , because I'm in pest control , going to as many as 25 homes on a good day , it makes sense to me .
    So , I bought a laptop and Delorme PGS for a $100 , the GPS that is , .
    Just had the extreme dest installed 2 weeks ago to house my laptop .
    Have notused it yet .
    Cost for all $2,300 , so , for that reason , I'm gonna make it work for me .
    I'll see it I can find photos
  8. ArizPestWeed

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  9. ArizPestWeed

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    Hydro , how do you program yours?
    ya do it at home ?
    I know Garmin is that way , unless ya wanta use the key pad like a telephone , abc sharing the #1 key .
  10. Tadams

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    Thanks Hydro & Weedhead! The computer set up looks real nice. A little too much for me right now but I can see where the possibilities are endless with a setup like that. I like the 500c but I couldn't find a price for it on the web page. How much do they sell for? Do they come programmed with all the addresses or do you have to buy upgrades on a regular basis? Last question- How do you input the address that you want to go to? Thanks

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