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  1. quietone

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    Has anyone put a gps system in any of your trucks? If so which one, why, and was it effective for showing your guys where to go? We are thinking about getting one in our mowing truck to save on time and gas.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i got one for x mas what a time saver. theres short cuts i never knew about. plus you can keep track how long the vehicle was stopped all day and how long it was moving. you can also use it to record mileage for each day . i use for finding jobs that i need to bid. the unit i have is a garmin streetpilot c330 its about $330 but worth every penny.
  3. JimLewis

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    I've been using TeleNav (GPS for Nextel Phones) for over 2 years now. Last year I outfitted several of our crew leaders with it as well. All of us use it like crazy. I'd say we don't just use it - we depend on it.

    The great thing is I don't have to invest hundreds of dollars (for each truck) to get started. We all already had Nextel Phones and it only cost me $25 or so a month, to add this feature. The time we used to waste sitting by the side of the road, reading a map - that is not time saved - is well worth the price I pay for this service. It has a few quirks to the system. It's not perfect. But it works the way I want it to 99% of the time. And that's good enough for me.

    I wrote a thread about it a few years back;
  4. MikeLT1Z28

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  5. Mow It All llc

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    I have a Pioneer in my dash.....its a dvd player 7" tv and touch screen navigation. It was a little over a grand, but well worth every penny....You can get them now really cheap and they do help alot finding jobs. No more looking at maps
  6. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I have Garmin GPS18 for my laptop. I put a laptop stand on my truck so that I have it for estimates, billing, customer info, etc. The Garmin GPS18 was about $120 and has a USB GPS antenna. I like it.

    I recently went on a 550 mile round trip to pick up a trailer and then make another stop to get the water tansk to build my pressure washer. I never looked anything up on a map. Input the addresses in the Laptop GPS, and drove. Step by step directions with the entire trip tracked. Great system.
  7. workinallthetime

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    i use the standard issue general motors unit, in 07 they upgraded to touch screen like the caddies, works great !! saved my butt in dallas when a fuel truck blew up on the highway, got around the wreck and back home only 20 minutes late
  8. mwaller98

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    we use realgreen's handheld for gps tracking/nav. we love it 'cause there's no guessing where your crews were for the day and the guys love it because of "no more map books"!
  9. fiveoboy01

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    I also have the C330. I love it. It's most useful for finding new customers, I just ask for their address and I don't have to bother them with getting directions. I paid more than 330, but it seems that it went on sale everywhere about 2 weeks after I bought mine:cry:

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    take the ad that had it for sale to where you bought it and they will reimburse you the difference. some places like best buy give you 110% price match guarantee . i actually ended up getting mine for $260

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