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Gra$$ Billing Company


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cape Cod, MA
Just found out about this billing company. You electronically send the customer info and every 30 days they send out a bill, with your name on it. Cost less than $2. per bill. Seems good to me. Has anyone ever heard of this or used them?? Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
Coastal NH
Hey Shuter,
saw the Grass people today at the New England Grows show. Seems perfect for less organized, officeless staff LCO's who don't want to get involved with all the paperwork hassles. For a 100 account a week lawn company though, it equates to around $1200 a year for them processing your bills to your customers. I have my wife who not only mows with me, but does not mind invoicing while i'm maintaining mowers etc., so we don't need a service for this. For you single guys who like to work only and don't like paperwork, it's a great system.


James Cormier

LawnSite Bronze Member
When I sold my landscaping business the company that bougt it subbed my out to do all the billing, I had all the systems in place for it.
I considered starting a small business doing just that and checked out the Gra$$ system to compare. They have a good product at a cheap rate.

So many small to meduim sized landscapers lack in getting there bills out on time I would think it would be a great asset. Or they spend all weekend doing the bills and paperwork it seems like 1200 for the season is cheap.

Green Finger

LawnSite Senior Member
If you ran your business off your cell phone and pager.

You factor in the $2.00 charge and pass it on to your customers ($35 cut goes to $37 cut.) Actually it could save you some money. FICA, State Taxes and social security etc. (full time office person)

But make sure it fits your company.