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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by queen of spades, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Maybe our Concrete plants do not get the mix right but here in georgia there are 2 things that are guranteed with concrete. It will not burn and it will crack. The fiber has no bearing on frequency of cracks Here but if you compare 2500 psi with fiber to 3500 psi which cost the same I was told 3500 will out last the 2500 with fiber. Friends of mine owned one of the larger concrete companies here in the Metro area. My info came straight from them.
    Also not sure why but most of the fiber mixes do leave the hairs showing at the surface on slabs? The good concret guys use rebar, 4500+, and fiber in all of the footings. I have never busted up fiber concrete so you my have a valid point about it making it stronger. Nothing like a real world test.LOL Maybe the guys misinformed me? I am no concrete expert.
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    I am not a concrete expert either, I know only what I have been told and by what I have seen. The first time I pulled fiber concrete, I could not believe it. I had to completely pummel the concrete with the breaker, the pieces were about 1' square in the largest. Usually on 4" concrete a little breaking to make it a little easier to pull and your done. Not so with the fiber. It really sucked. All the pieces were small. Anyone pulling fiber concrete should charge more.

    I agree that concrete will crack but fiber really seems to resist it better than rebar. Tying slabs together or to a concrete wall, rebar is certain more effective. I think holding the concrete pad itself together fiber seems really effective. We also have a problem with scaling here do to the ice melt that is used. The fiber seems to help prevent that to some extent.
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    If I'm cutting into a slope for the garage can I dig while the top soil is still a bit damp? The builder is pressing to get this done ASAP. What's teh rule of thumb?
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    No it will not matter.

    A laymens check on the compaction of the soil is to take a peice of rebar and try to shove it straight down into the ground. It should not go but a couple inches.

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