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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Kyle Archibald, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. Kyle Archibald

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    i just got a request for a quote on grading a lawn. i have never done this before, nor seen anyone do this. the people that asked me for the quote just moved into a house that was built a while back. they have been redoing the inside and outside of the house. they have also had a few 18 wheelers stuck in their back yard, so their is some large ruts. their is grass already but i suggested tilling it under because the half of the lawn that does not have the ruts in it has dips and humps. they have the money so i told them i would rent the equipment and either charge time or per job. so that is where i am,
    i would like to know how to go about doing this by:
    1. what equipment
    2. how to charge them
    3. how to actually do the grading job

    any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks

  2. Guido

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    Can you go into more detail?? Do you mean re-grading the surface as far as pitch of the yard, etc, or do you mean just leveling out the humps and ruts?

    If thats the case, and you end up tilling it, rent a powerrake for the skidsteer and go to town. Very minimal raking when your finished. Sounds like you may need to compact some too, or maybe their is a drainage problem somewhere.

    Can you describe the site a little better.

    Hope I can help!
  3. steveair

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    You may not need to till at all. If the property is rutted up by 18 wheelers in some areas, Id imagine they are pretty deep ruts. If the rest of the lawn is uneven, and if the grass is growing, but not very well, then the idea of just having a few tandems of topsoil brought in, leveling it out with a tractor/rake or bobcat, and then seeding a mulching may be the easiest way.

    If the site has drainage issues, this may not work, but I have had good luck with just topsoiling over areas like this. I too use to think that "I have to till it up first to get better root zones", but looking at jobs done in the past where I tilled and then topsoil compared to jobs where I just topsoiled, I can see no difference.

  4. Kyle Archibald

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    thanks for the info, i have another question, they live off of a main road, and their backyard(which needs the grading) ends on a retaining brick wall which goes down like 30 feet to the water of the lake the house backs up to. i have no idea about the drainage issues, my question is where would i get the information about the drainage, or should i just assume run the water to the retaining wall.
  5. paul

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    I think you need to get a grading plan for the yard first!
    If they have a 30' tall retaining wall you could get yourself in trouble.
  6. Guido

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    They're might be some drainage built into the wall you have to look at. There obviuosly was some kind of plan at one time or another AI would take a look at if I were you. You don't just want water running towards the wall with no way through or over, etc. You might wash it away.

    Check out the site plans for the property.

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