Grading Systems for Landscape Management for Employees


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Looking for a Grading Point or Scale System for Landscape Management for Employees. How do larger landscape companies grade their employees on the performance of their work? Is there a point system or do we come up with one of our own?

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What I'm trying to do now is define quality and make a check list. Tell them how long the route should take and hold them to it. If you don't know guess and measure for future reference. Define job duties and make a check list. I have not brought the idea to action as I am still trying to define the quality. I can send you what I have so far when im on my computer later but it is somewhat disorganized and I feel it needs to be split up differently. I also feel that I am missing things and it needs revision as some of it is rambled thoughts. The system has not been put in place yet so I'm not sure how it will work out but a lot of that is due to inconsistent employees and turnover at the moment.
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