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Grading Yard


LawnSite Member
I have a customer that has a 6,400 Sq ft yard. The front yard which is around 3,000 sq ft is very level and easy to move a skid loader around. The back yard is pretty steep and will take sometime with the skid loader to level the ground out. What do you guys get from something like this. I can rent a Bobcat for $160 a day plus diesel.


LawnSite Member
Hamilton, OH
Unless you are extremely experienced in finish grade work, it is better to leave this job to someone else. Customer's are extremely picky when it comes to final grade work. Any dip or unlevelness will draw complaints. Cutting in swells and providing proper drainage are important parts to consider before tackling the job. Anyways, we usually prep yards like that with a single axle load of topsoil and we can do 3-4 yds. a day. with rockhounding. 3 man crew.


LawnSite Member
I have some experience with a bobcat used them on and off since i was about fourteen. A company came in last fall and leveled it out pretty well but over the winter the ground settled. All the customer wants is to level the ground and loosen the soil to lay down some sod. Also in the back yard being some of the black dirt that eroded and put it back on top.