Graham Spray Equipment Twin Jet 400

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    We are selling our Graham, less than 1 year old, LIKE NEW, Fiberglass 400 gal. capacity split 100/300 gal. skid mounted spray rig for Lawn, Pest, or Tree and Shrub Care. Runs two seperate HyPro D30 pump to two electric Hannay Reels with 400ft. of hose. Rigged now for 100 gal. tree and shrub with a JD9 spray gun and 300 gal. for Turf applications with Lesco spray gun. Jet agitation inside tank. 2 Honda electric start motors. Built very well. Will fit perfectly in 3/4 ton or up, long bed pickup truck. Great setup to start your own business, backup truck or expand an existing service route. Ready to work. We had in a 2015 Chevy 2500hd originally. Asking $ 9,500 OBO.
    IMG_4645.JPG IMG_4649.JPG IMG_4650.JPG IMG_4651.JPG IMG_4652.JPG
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    has this sold?
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    Yes Sir, we still have the Unit.

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