grandmother arrested for NOT watering her lawn

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jdmcat, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Thats ridiculous.
  3. mag360

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    If I lived near her I'd stop watering. Hope the neighbor who turned her in gets his/her payback---jerks.
  4. landscaper22

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    People in most areas, especially in the southeast, have been cited for watering due to the water shortage. This lady is cited for not watering. What is this country coming to? I know of certain neighborhoods with ordinances that state the lawns should be green and maintained, but I have never really heard of enforcing such an ordinance to this extent. :usflag:
  5. Clear-Cut

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    how are you gunna bust an old ladies nose for not watering her lawn!? who do you think you are, mike tyson!?
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    No, that's just stupid ... so much for law enforcement !!
  8. txgrassguy

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    I, for one, will not judge another's' actions without first having all of the facts.
    And newspapers certainly aren't credible sources.
    Regarding the person who wouldn't water their lawn, what did it look like?
    What were the applicable ordinances governing the neighborhood/city?
    Not caring for one's property also has the impact, among others, of lowering property values, decreasing the tax base, and being an eye sore.
    About the woman who wouldn't pull up at a Mikey D's, well after over twelve years in both federal and local police work, people do not surprise me any longer.
    A classic for instance, a well dressed woman pulls up in a fire lane outside of a grocery store. Parks literally one foot from my patrol cars' bumper. I know because I was finishing the arrest on a shoplifter at the back of my car.
    When I informed the lady she couldn't park there as she was getting out of her car, see looked at me in the eye, I repeated what I said and she walked into the store all the while her husband is in the car telling her she shouldn't park there.
    I asked the husband to move the car and he couldn't as the wife took the keys with her and he didn't have a spare set.
    The officer taking the shoplifter to the county lock up was there as well. Lady comes out while I am writing the ticket, starts to open her door when I stop her and she wants to know why I am writing her the ticket. I point to the empty spots less than 20 feet away, point to the marked fire lane and explain that's why.
    Her response? She tried to both punch and bite me.
    In court she tries to tell the judge I gave her permission, then said I was hitting on her, then said her husband owned the store. Judge looks at the camera footage with very clear audible as well and fined her.
    Her response? She tried punching and biting me again. In court, in front of the judge.
    So no, nothing people do surprise me anymore.

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