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    I have a gs that has had the frame crack on us, the lower main frame had a large piece snap off and the bend, and the upper frame had the welds and at the bends. I have the unit at the dealer on last monday, he called the rep for the area and sent him pictures, well he told the dealer the upper frame can be replaced and the lower frame just needed to get fixed with a piece of angle iron, because that is all that needs to be done. Now I told the dealer that it was not right and both frames should be replaced because of the warranty the toro has on the frame, the dealer told me that the rep will not do the lower but to repair it was ok. I think the frame needs to be replaced. When I asked the dealer if he had a zero downtime unit and he said he does not, I asked he to talk to the rep about a unit and the.rep said that he would not do that at all, the only way I was going to use one is if I was to buy another one. I have told that the repair is going to take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, now I am down a unit for this time and out a lot of money because of this. If this is how your rep and your company treats customers that is piss poor service. Now because the upper frame is broke the height was off and it wore in to the gas tank, the hydros are messed up the platform fell and broke the housing on one of the.backpack blowers. And so much other stuff is wrong with it, the lift rods don't work those have been done 5 times the muffler fell off, the wheel motor bolt fell out tearing out a hydro line, now most of that stuff was fixed from the dealer. If someone can get back to me ASAP that would be great or to call me at 708-670-8504 is the best way to get me. Thanks for letting me vent right now russ
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