Grandstand not moving at full speed....hydro oil?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Blazerfb, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Blazerfb

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    My 23hp 2009 Toro Grandstand is running at about 5-6 mph instead of 7-8. I'm wondering if maybe i need a new hyrdaulic oil filter and possibly need to change the oil as well.

    No idea how long it has been since servicing. Mower has 530 hrs, bought it used not long ago from an old friend. His crew does a half ass job of maintaining mowers. Hydro oil is slightly low but i don't think that's it. I reset the linkage and tracking, got a little more speed.

    Any ideas???? Suggestions??? Just trying to get it running at full ground speed so i can continue to make money with it! (everything else is running great: motor, blade speed, etc.)
  2. ratfink

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    Hydros tend to be very picky about oil levels so it wouldn't hurt to top it off. In terms of replacing oil and filter usually it's recommended every 500hours so this would be a good time to do it.
  3. Blazerfb

    Blazerfb LawnSite Member
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    Thanks man, I will try it. I doubt they've ever replaced the filter or added much hydro oil.
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  4. ricky86

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    I don't think it has anything to do with the oil. A Toro Master Service Dealer, who has been selling Grandstands since they came out will know what to look for. There has been changes made to the drive linkage and Toro has been VERY fair, with me, in covering needed repairs for our customers. If you proceed calmly, and contact them, they might cover it under warranty (or not). Can you get you buddy to bring it back so there's no issue with warranty transfer? You have checked the routine things, like belts, idler arms etc.?
  5. Blazerfb

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    Thanks. The linkage has already been fixed for reverse flaws, not sure abou anything else. Warranty will hold up fo this, frame is only good for the first owner. I hate the guts of that linkage, I kept saying,"why not rods?". I believe new models have rods. I will have it service before spring to see what they can do. Thanks again for he tips, very helpful
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