Grandstand oil darking

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Schrock Lawns, Oct 18, 2012.

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    I bought a grandstand last month with 267 hours changed the oil go to check the level today 277 hours and it was relly relly dark and relly low also the dipstick is changing colors is that a problem also sometimes when I start it it blows a big puff of white smoke has the 24 hp kawi fs691v anything wrong or is this normal?
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    There are three things that will cause sudden darkening of the oil on air-cooled engines, sludge build-up and a blown cylinder head gasket, both are relatively easy fixes, I find it odd that you'd have a sludge build-up problem with that low hours unless the oil had not been changed at all...

    And if the oil has not been changed in a long time it is not unusual for oil to darken quickly after it is finally changed, if this were the case a second oil and filter change would be a likely fix, some folks like to simply stick to the recommended change interval and not let it go as long.

    Well there's always rings but I doubt your engine would pull much if that were the case.

    To address the sludge problem (which again is unlikely if you changed the oil regular) I like to get the engine up to operating temperature, shut it down, then take 1/2 pint of kerosene and dump it in the crankcase, now...
    Start the engine and run it on idle for 6 minutes do NOT run the RPM's above idle !
    After 6 minutes shut the engine off and change the oil and filter immediately.

    That usually gets rid of sludge if it were an issue, in severe cases a second treatment may be required but more than likely if it still darkens quickly you probably need to replace the cylinder head gasket(s).

    Now the head gasket(s), that's a procedure I'm not getting into here.
    But a good better than half a chance that's your problem to begin with, because of the low hours.
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