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Discussion in 'Toro' started by Osu1997, May 31, 2010.

  1. Osu1997

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    Please tell me that there has been an update for the 2009 models regarding the slow, anemic, and unequal reverse speed. I can't believe that a company that is as highly regarded as The Toro Company would put out a product that would have a flaw as large as this. The cut is superb and does everything else fine. But when you have a machine that cost around $7K, you would expect that an acceptable and equal reverse speed. The new Scag V-Ride has a reverse speed around 6 MPH compared to mine which is around 1.5 MPH. That adds up to a lot of time at the end of the day and time is money. So, if there has been an update. Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. The Toro Company

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    Osu1997 -
    The maximum ground speed for GrandStand models is 8 mph forward & 3 mph reverse. By the sounds of your comments, slow speed and unequal pump output, it sounds as though either the controls are out of adjustment or the variable speed control in not functioning properly. If so, this should be easily remedied. Has your dealer gone over your machine & re-set adjustments in an attempt to improve reverse speed? Please share the name and location (city) of your dealer.

    -The Toro Company
  3. lilweeds

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    From my experience the dealers are not equipped to properly set the speed. The bulletin to fix it is in one of my post that is floating around here somewhere. I have to adjust mine.
  4. Osu1997

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    The dealer has gone over the machine twice to fix all of the recalls last season, as well as, looking into the reverse speed issue. They have been more than compensating for the issues that I've had with the machine. But as I mentioned earlier, the cut is waaaaay better than the Wright Standers that I used to have. The anemic and unequal reverse speed is a know issue from what I've read on here. The selling/servicing dealer is Mid-Ohio Gravely in Mansfield, OH
  5. mysteryman

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    I too have anemic and unequal reverse motion with my 2010. Apparently LILWEEDS bulletin was not adaopted by Toro on the assembly line. These annoying issues are inexcusable for machines of this caliber. I have to imagine that there are a number more out there experiencing this problem, they may have not noticed it (maybe they are used to 'reverse ASSIST' units, that is, units without a true reverse) or maybe they don't back their machines...whatever the case it's mechanical and therefore resolvable.
  6. freshcutter

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    Same issue here with 2010 GS. The right side isn't as "strong" as the left. I haven't had the time to take mine back in to my dealer though...
  7. Osu1997

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    I owned 2 Wright Standers before I bought the GrandStand Unit. The cut was what drove me away from the Wrights. However, the forward and reverse speeds were equal and as fast as advertised. My unit is so anemic on the right side that if there any type of incline, it will NOT move whatsoever. I feel as though they were in a rush to produce this machine and failed to fix the initial bugs. As was mentioned earlier, this type of issue is inexcusable in a machine of this caliber.
  8. lilweeds

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