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Well, it's the start of the 2012 season; and I just bought a new 2011 leftover Grandstand. I really wanted to test it, and practice with it before I took it to a customers yard. I tested it on a slope that ranges from 18 to 23 degrees. Used an analog slope indicator gauge that attached with a magnet to the frame of the Grandstand. All I can say is, this thing is a Goat. I will handle 20 degrees any any direction without issue. It turns on damp turn at that angle and don't tear up the turf. I'm very happy with this mower, should make a lot of money in the years to come. I'll try to post some pics. In the photo where the front wheel is off the ground...that's at 23 degrees; I put up the platform and used the walkbehind feature. Worked Great.

20 Degree Down 1.jpg

20 Degree Down Meter.jpg

20 Degree Horizontal.jpg

20 Degree Slope.jpg

20 Degree Up.jpg

23 Degree Wheel Up.jpg

Down 20 Degree Slope.jpg


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I have a 54 and a 60 grandsatnd and as I ran them last year I was on slopes steeper than that once I got used to them. I don't have an indicator like you but I am sure they are more than 25 degrees. Just make sure when you get to the bottom of a slope you always turn uphill and back down to your next pass otherwise you will break traction. These mowers are amazing on slopes and retention pond edges!
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Thanks for the input Edensgate; I'm taking it to a steeper hill tomorrow. I'll see if I can get someone else to take the photos with me on it to give a better idea. I'm 210 lbs. so anyone that weighs less could ride up a steeper hill; but still, I'll just fold up the platform and use it like a walk behind at that point. I'm going to test the limits cutting horizontal; GMLC, the one I got is a 52" so I can't say how others will do.


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I have found walk behind mode to be almost useless. Without your weight on the platform the drive wheels are too light and can spin easily. Totally agree that they are great on slopes.

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Thanks for all the pics. I was just standing on one a little while ago when we were at one of the local dealers. I told him I'd like to demo one, bit since we do have a little snow on the ground, and everything else is wet, muddy or both, he said I'd have to wait a month or so before they can get out their 2012 demos for people to try.


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That's not really much of a hill...Like what, 5-7 mower lengths tall on both sides? Looks like you could zoom up and down with a zero turn without thinking twice. Yeah, it's somewhat steep, but would you trust that machine cutting a slope that that 10 times a tall with a creek at the bottom?