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Discussion in 'Toro' started by brucec32, Jan 7, 2010.

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    lilweeds and bob n weave

    I assume that you are talking about crossing these slopes, not going 'up and down'...if so, at the end of the run, do you do a simple 3-point turn? I'm guessing that you guys are either side of 200-lbs, is the balance that critical? For an 800-900lb machine, I can't believe that most of the weight isn't already on the rear wheels.
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    Only time my rear wheels loose traction is when going straight up hills. Again
    im talking pretty steep slopes that are wet and if your NOT standing on the platform, tires will just spin. Very rare I walk behind it. Most of weight is not
    on the rear wheels if your walking behind it. That's fine on flat terrain if your trying to avoid ruts on the wet turf, but on Slopes not so.

    On Steep Slopes I look like Tony Hawk, get a running start straight up, do a 180 and straight back down. Leaning as far forward as i can to keep front end down. Can be scary at times. Some of my Slopes are to steep
    for 3 point turns, better to go staright up/down at high speed.

    I should have got some video. I think I could have won the Toro Grandstand smooth Operator Challenge :laugh:

    BTW: I weigh 176 lbs.

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