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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Boys LawnCare, Apr 24, 2006.

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    What do you guys tell people when they ask how long they should stay off the lawn, after you apply a grannular fertilizer/pesticide? I know chemlawn/others puts out a sign to stay off until it dries, after making a liquid application. I've looked on the label, and can't find any recommendations. (I do have a license, just new)

    Also, label does say to water a day or so before application, and then wait a day or two after application before watering again. Does anyone know the reason for this? Do you really try to time this out with rain and everything. Thanks
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    you'd want to stay off the lawn until after the lawn has been watered then dry following the application.

    this is one of the problems with granular weed controls (there are many other problems as well) Your clients will need to stay off their lawns (this includes pets) for several days

    watering before the application (to the best of my knowledge) is to insure that the granular herbicide will stick to the leaf of the target weeds. (under drought conditions that granular herbicide will not adhere to leaf and will easily blow off with the slightest breeze)

    watering a couple of days after application to ease the stess that a herbicide could cause to turf. Watering to soon and you wash the herbicide off the weed before it has had time to translocate. You'd also want to inform your customers not to mow their lawn until after the lawn has been watered and dried.

    It would be easier and would give you better results to apply a granular fertilizer then use a backpack to spray a liquid weed control. Now you can tell your customers to stay off lawn until product has dried (4 hours should do it depending on weather conditions) and they should still hold off on mowing for a day or two.

    hope this helps
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    Could you elaborate on the other problems with granular weed killers? Also, can you recommend any inexpensive equipment to get into spraying. I've tried a backpack, and it takes quite a bit of time and energy to cover an entire lawn. Thanks
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    you could get a 25 gal sprayer w/ electric pump, put it, and a car battery on a wheel barrow. Spray a section then move on. Goofy, but inexpensive. :waving:
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    if you are using a push spreader Perma Green has a battery operated sprayer with a 1 gal tank that covers 4000 sq. ft. and it bolts right on to any spreader, you recharge the battery from a charger that attaches to you truck battery. it works great if you are doing lawns under 15k.
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