grants or low/no interest loas from government?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Hardscaping, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I am starting to put plans together for a expansion into mowing and trimming areas of the business. I am just wondering if there is anybody that can point to anyway of applying for a grant or no/low interest government loan for expanding a business. I would jjust expand small but i don't want to be doing the work my self. I want to keep my focus of work on Hardscaping but, I will hire about 8 guys next year to be able to keep up with the expansion. I would like to get the grant to cover equipment and advertising as well as employee expenses for the begining.

    Anybody that can point me in the right direction for southern ontario i would greatly appreciate it. I am in kitchener.
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    I think most of us worked for what we got and don’t know anything about free money? If you find some let me know. I am pretty sure my hard earned tax money was given to others so I would like to get some of someone else’s tax money from there hard work. :cry:
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    What was the Aerosmith song? . . . . . . . oh yea "DREAM ON"
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    hahahaha and I'd like to win the lotto to build my business.

    Might get a grant if you're a scratch that moneys so tight ud have the be a hispanic homo who's daddy was black and mommy is a crack *****.......MAYBE if you register as that you can get a "grant" aka "welfare check" ;)
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    If you don't a business plan in the works, your are wasting "your" valuable time. The banks are not giving any loans for small business. Grants, for get it. There is no "free money". Plus, the grants that you may apply for, are for specific areas: energy, transportation, healthcare, social services, etc.

    The advice I'm suggesting to you is 1. Save your money. If you have a full time job put some of that money to side, maybe 5-10% of your take home pay. 2. Start small, if you can, work on the weekends and build your clientele. Work by yourself for now and set goals.

    Sorry, "free money" doesn't exist in this world.
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    for one guys, there was no need for the hostillity.

    I was just basically asking if there was a section that was aimed towards the industry.

    I can save the money no problem, The thing is that i am buying a house in june of next year, and to go out and put $50 000 into the business i would have a really hard time getting my mortgage. I have been in business for approx 2 years on my own. I worked under my dad for a few years as well. I run a fulltime landscaping/snow plowing business.

    The purpose of doing the mowing to have a garuanteed income rather than a income only coming at times when the hardscaping jobs are booked. A hardscaping job only lasts so long cannot do a weekly thing on it.

    I want to focus on my hardscaping but have the mowing and trimming as well. I am going to do this so i can hire some guys and they can take care of all the mowing i just get the work and send them on their way to do the work.

    By the way guys i am in ontario canada we are not as bad off as the states are. I don't see much of a dip in anything here. pretty much only one or two companies have closed recently that would affect anybody around me. I got the two big toyota plants that are still going full tilt and not laying people off. that is the reason i guess that not many people in kitchener are hit to hard unless they do alot of work for other contractors.
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    Well, I'm not try to be "hostile" :) But the info that you provided at 1st was not clear. Now, since you have explained yourself, plus your goals, the previous posts should give some direction. Since you are in Canada, I'm not sure what regulations and laws are in Canada. But, again the "free money" idea is a fantasy. That road is a dead end. And if you have reservations, search for "free money, any results", on the internet and that should satisfy your curiosity.

    It seems that you have a number of "things" in place, all you need is to follow through and reach those goals. Research your funding options. That's important. I still say take your time, pace yourself, if that house that you want to purchase is important. Then maybe you need to "scale" back the mowing and adding a crew till 2011. And wait till you purchase house and see where you will be 2010.
  8. JB1

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  9. Hardscaping

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    Thank you for the advice. Maybe it might be a good idea to scale the expansion back to only hire two to four guys instead of 8 to 10 guys.

    Maybe i can get some equipment on low interest from the manufacturer deals that come out every once and a while. I already have enough trucks to run the mowing and do the hardscaping portion as well.

    When getting into this work what do you suggest each trailer has.

    one push mower, one ride on mower, two trimmers, garbage cans for the grass clippings. what else would you suggest maybe a edger on each trailer. a deck broom or two.

    What would you guys suggest for each trailer. i only want to do mow and trim and edge.

    at the begining of the year i will be doing aerating.

    Well any help would be good. this way i can organize the cost of each crew to run in startup capital. then i can figure from there what i should do for how many crews to run and how much advertising i should pay for.
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    All depends on properties to start I'd just have a

    21" commercial mower
    48" hydro mower
    2x trimmers
    1x back pack blower
    Rakes, shovels, gas cans, etc
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