Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David Shaw, May 6, 2003.

  1. David Shaw

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    I was wondering if anyone knows of any grants that may be available. I got a spam the other day for a directory of where to get grants. If you don't get a grant somewhere they'll refund your purchase price. now I've been around long enough to know if it sounds to good it usually is. But I really need some money right now. Give me some thought on the whole idea. But please don't rip me.
  2. walker-talker

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    You opened yourself for a good ripping.....but I will be the first one that does not. Free money.....forget about it. I checked into this a couple years ago and there really is nothing there. There are many great deals on credit cards out there now. I had an offer the other day, 0% finance charge of balance transfers until August 2004 (forget the card holder). Washington Mutual is offer 0% until March 31, 2004.

    Look for the good deals like this and don't waste your time and energy looking for grants and "free money".

  3. Angelo

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    There are a lot of grants that are out there but most of them do have qualifications, such as:
    1. What industry are you starting?
    2. Will you be creating new jobs?
    3. What is your income bracket?
    4. What is your race/nationality?

    Most of the spam you get will end up geting you to loans that will need to be repaid. I checked it out and it was a waste of my time. Hopefully someone else had some good luck with them.
  4. David Shaw

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    I'm kinda sorry I even started this thread. You both said what I already think or knew. I tried with the local SBDC last year. Total waste of time. Basiclly if you're a middle aged white male who's willing to work you're outta luck. Sorry if I ticked anyone off there. it's just the way it is. By the way I've never gotten any free money in my life. Washington Mutual hunh? Have to check that out. Dave

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