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    Yes, grants are real and yes I have personal experience in grants.
    One is a young women in Northern Mich. that used the money to purchase heavy equipment and now has large gov. contracts putting in guard rails along highways. She is from the town I grew up in.
    I also know two different people in two different areas of Michigan that have made a living helping people get grants.
    One is the person that helped write the guard rail grant I will try to post and the other one I met through SCORE.
    I get the impression some would believe grants are a myth.
    I am not advocating that one jump on the latenight TV bandwagon and order up the next set of books on free money.
    I simply can't believe that someone would say something does'nt exsist when I have seen it first hand. I find that irrational.
    What I am saying is:
    1) I have seen our tax money going into grants.
    2) My banker, Score reps, local gov., and many others in the know have spoken with me about grants.
    3) My college education was funded by a grant.
    4) I know of companies started by grant money.
    5) Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can get a grant, but saying that they are not available is ludicrous.
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    Im delighted to know she got a grant. Do you notice anything special about her circumstances? 1, she is a woman. 2, the govt has a vested interest in her business.
    ask them how many for-profit businesses, as a percent of all grant recipients get money. My mom is the director of a million dollar a year non-proft corp. Yes, there are grants out there and she routinely gets them. We are talking for profit, private sector businesses here.
    no, but in this context, grants to our businesses are highly unlikely

    not to brag, but I know first hand they exist too. Im currently recieving 3 academic scholarships.
    again, were these for profit, private sector businesses?
    the thing is, we are talking about everyday Tom, Dick, and Harrys here.

    ... dont take this as a personal attack. Just defending my position that grants to our type of businesses are about as likely as finding a snipe.
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    Your mommy should have raised you better.
    Your position is one of irresponsibility.
    Grants are available to those who qualify. To say otherwise is admitting stupidity.
    Yes it is easier for a minority, yes it is easier for gov. contracts.
    However the post was "where do I start" and the responses were "don't bother".
    I'm standing up and shouting grants are given to private for-profit co. that qualify and this person will not know if they qualify without some leg work.
    Even the post from SBA admitted that grants do exist but yet you still argue?
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    Everyone can qualify, white males may have the least chance but they still get grants. I have a friend that lives in Texas, his brother got a grant to open a tatoo shop. If he can get a grant, landscapers have just as good of chance. I know before applying for mine I will be shifting majority ownership to my girlfriend so we can apply for woman owned business grants. Sneaky, maybe but hey business is business.
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    ladibug, i find it greatly amusing that the sources you cited, are sources that i directly quoted from. these were not quotes buried within the fine print, they were the lead-ins to their respective grant sections. the odds, as you like to explain being realistic, are akin to that of winning your state lottery. maybe you should add to your advice to also lay down cash on the scratch-offs to also reap the rewards and fund your start-up.

    the guardrail thing is an apples to oranges comparison. anything dealing with the gov't (read: not private sector) is the apple. a private sector, for profit business is the orange. your argument keeps bleeding into the aforementioned apple territory. so, if you would like to start a minority-owned gov't contractor who specializes in mowing, knock yourself out. i'll bet you might even get a grant. be careful though, as once you get moderatly sized in your revenue, they'll take your advantage away from you, and the next step is to form a spin-off company and start anew. golly, almost sounds like i have some experience with that....

    as for the sba "admitted that they do exist" is a grandiose twisting of words. --" While SBA does offer some grant programs, these are generally designed to expand and enhance organizations that provide small business management, technical, or financial assistance."-- if you don't realize it, those are non-profs, and in a smaller capacity, gov't sector, that they are talking about. to take the word "generally" and spin that as a ***** in the armor is silly. you're talking about an lco. no offense to the owners here, but when was the last time an lco changed the world or created dozens of jobs at it's inception? don't confuse this with a start-up that's researching a cure for cancer. "materially beneficial to a community" comes to mind. now, if i were to expand my business through the creation of a dozen full-time jobs, i can qualify for various tax abatements, so if you want to call that a grant, there you go. but start-up grants or exansion grants are another beast.

    try this: pick up the phone, call your local score branch and tell them you want to start a mowing business. will you, as an affilliate of the federally run SBA, give me the money to do so? after that, do the same with the SBA.

    i'm not going to continue this argument, that in real world "application" is actually not an argument.

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