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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Laner, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Laner

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    Had customer call today, asking if my first application would have killed several hostas and peonies? First app was granular pre-m (Dimension .10) with fert (22-2-5). Applied at low recommended rate. Tried to stay away from all plants (around trees, raised planters, and mulched areas). Some areas were very difficult to get thru without broadcasting some near and possibly into plant areas. I am very careful when applying chem to lawns. Never had any issues in the past, but this is a new customer. Just applied second app yesterday (3-way) to take care of broadleaf weeds. It has been 4 weeks since first app and this guys is claiming that the first app killed several peonies and prevented hostas from even coming up (not visible any longer) and killed a rose bush. Like I said, I am very cautious doing apps, but wondering if my first app would have caused this kind of results? From everything that I have read on the chemicals that I use it should not have been an issue. All plants were well out of the ground by the time of the first app (4/30).
  2. DLCS

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    I'd say no. You sure it wasn't from the big warm up at the end of march and then the big cold snap and frost at the beginning of April? I have customers whos hostas and rose bushes took a hit after that last heavy frost. Strange weather that we have had this Spring.
  3. indyturf

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    I second that!
  4. turf hokie

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    ---------I concur----------.
  5. morturf

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    Did you have weather like we had in nw iowa this spring? We had an extremely warm period followed by a very cold snap. This affected all the types of plants that you mentioned here and some others. I would say look at other properties and determine if there was similar effects without the application you mention. Hope this helps.
  6. Nathan Robinson

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    so go organic and never have this problem again...
  7. turf hokie

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    Yea, b/c organics never have problems and are completely safe.......unbelievable.
  8. mkroher

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    Messages: 539 on organics to control wall to wall dandelions.
  9. tremor

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    I blast my own Hostas with Dimension every year. Never once lucky enough to kill them.
  10. Grandview

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    Going organic will not solve this problem. The problem is ignorant customers who blame all sorts of problems on applications. The Dimension did not kill the customers roses and hostas. Dimension is labeled for nurseries.

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