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    My supplier is trying to talk me into adding flea and tick control, using granular only for flea and tick control. Permethrin or talstar granular every 30 days from april-aug. Has anyone in the south had success with this? My reason for not offering this service is I would want a dedicated tank just for spraying. I only have one tank and it is herbicide only. I understand ticks can be found off the ground and fleas have a 30 day life cycle. Thats about all I know about them. So-- will this work or is it a recipe for failure? I would only offer this to my existing customers who take my full fert and squirt program, as an add on.
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    I don't know your area or your insect pressures, But IMHO that sounds like real over kill and your supplier is trying to sell you a bill of goods. True Flea and Tick eggs hatch every 28 days, But is he telling you to treat every yard regardless of infestation???? That doesn't sound too IPM to me. Once I have an infestation I do treat every 30 days but only for 3 maybe 4 months, He is telling you to do it for 5 months straight. Maybe that is SOP for your area, but it doesn't sound correct to me.
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    I recommend to my customers that have fleas and ticks to first treat their animals. Either use frontline or comfortis. 99% of the time that takes care of the problem.
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    i've been told three times a year is sufficient. i don't mess around with it that much though. is there a longer lasting product that controls them with one app?
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    One of my accounts is in fact a large kennel. Because of the high traffic of Dogs and Cats coming and going they require treatment every 30 days year round.

    ROTATE Flea & Tick treatments on your animals is key to gaining prevention. Frontline and Advantage Plus etc are good products but must be rotated to be effective. They have different A.I. and resistance to pesticide is broken by rotating.

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    Most of my accounts are in a rural setting with one acre plus lawns. There are no fences except for bob waar (as we pronounce it) so the animal host's are frequent. Dogs run free. Maybe this is why it was recommended monthly. My city lots would be bi-monthly.
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    i used to do 4 treatments per year, up to five, then i read the label on my bag of talstar ez and it gave a limit of so much pesticide per year that can be applied, i did the math and the rate u must use for control mutiplied out to 2 apps per year or you are using it against the label ie breaking the law. anyone else know aobut this??

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    Yes, I say that on the talstar label. If alternated with permethrin that would get me four app's. I have also started reading on deltamethrin also. Just printed the label. One of the reason's for back to back once a month was our spring rain's. I really dont want to do a prevenative application. I really only want to offer it if you have a problem. But if I wait until the customer calls me and say's I have fleas everywhere and my dog is covered with ticks. You not doing your job and the customer is saying what am I paying you for? But that is an option, I could let the customer tell me when they need it thus preventing unneeded applications. Then my route is trashed and I'm driving 10 miles one way to do one job. My weed program is every other month. From what I have heard, an application of granular wont last two month's. Then you have a re-infestation and start all over.
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    delta is good stuff and very low rates too. love it. all the newer insecticides are wonderful with less toxilogic effects if you will to you and pets etc. cant be mad there!!! jsut wont last as long as older ones folks are used to. good point about mixing it up, forgot to mention that
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    Bifenthrin, deltamethrin[/B , and permethrin are all related in terms of biological activity. Use them in a "rotation" and you are not rotating at all. The reasons for rotating chemical classes goes beyond fleas and ticks. I am thinking about the creation of pests such as chinch bug and sod webworm that are immune to "thrins". There are many species of caterpillars important to agriculture that are pyrethroid resistant. Chinch bug has become very resistant as well, mostly due to misapplication and failure to rotate correctly.

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