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granular in pray?

C.T. Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Avon, Indiana
is there a way you can use a granular fert. in a sprayer? can you like dump it in then stir it till it is desolved and use it or not? if not how and where do you guys get the liquid fert to use in the sprayers? i just picked up one from a friend to use around the house... any help would be nice


LawnSite Member
Pesticides come in many different forms. Dry forms include dry flowables, granular, wettable powders, and water soluble packets. All of these can be used in a sprayer and the label will tell you what the form is. However, care must be taken for each form. Some may require lots of agitation to mix and settling may occur with some formulations. Also, larger particles can clog some sprayer nozzles.

Granular fertilizer can be used in sprayers too. Most of these will form a solution when mixed. Particle size can be small, similar to Miracle Grow, to larger sizes for things like iron sulfate. You just need to check if the fertilizer is water soluble.

The best way to buy such products is to contact a good dealer. Lesco is a good start. There are many things to consider when selecting fertilizer and pesticide forms. One should consider storage, handling, and price when they buy.