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Granular Millenium

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Anyone have any experience with granular millenium? We do a fall weed control application with fert. Since we got out perma green, we have been toying with doing a granular millenium and spot spraying patches and edges. In out market, a fall weed control app is a must for you get awesome contol in the spring. Just curious on the effectiveness of it
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Speed.....I have ran the cost analysis on it and it would increase our product costs by $3,600 over the course of the entire app. However, would save us 3wks in productivity and allow more sales time and would save $1500 in labor in hiring someone to help with seeding and aeration. With the PG, not to sure I want to blanket spray with it. Still not confident with the results. I do like the ability to spot spray....
wouldn't the weeds have to be wet to get good kill with a granular product
I remember when I bought my perma green spreader and I too tried granular millenium. The grass does not have to be wet because the clopyralid is a root absorbed systemic herbicide.
what I did not like about the product is that it worked very slowly even after rain. If you chose to use this product and you want it to work quickly, you will need to apply it to wet grass for a broad spectrum effect because the 2,4-D and the dicamba are contact herbicides.
If quality is what you are after you should do the liquid app and add iron since iron is immobile in the plant it is a good opportunity to get that extra green. The other 4-5 apps can be granular.
Hope this helps,
used millenium granular 4 first time this year, wasnt happy
Liquid broadle herbicide always gives better control!
OK......Guys.......I know what I am doing....I am asking what the effexctiveness of milenium on fert is...I do appreciate the one post about it taking a long time....That is why we plan to spot spray patches and edges. THe goal is to catch anything sprouting by hitting roots. Does anyone else have any experience. This is for speed...I know liquid is better, but we are always looking for a more efficient alternative

Thanks all
With all three hands working, you should be able to spray weeds and spread regular fert at the same time with your perma green.

If you don't feel comfortable with this beware1

Even the Millenium or Momentum on fert should be applied to
wet foliage for best results. For the cost of the product, you will not get nearly as good results with application by soil uptake only!

If you have enough work that a great number of call backs will hurt you, I would recommend the liquid.

On the other side of the issue, many people are having good success with the granular as well.

Flip a coin.
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