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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by causalitist, Mar 26, 2008.

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    OK, I'll say it.

    Granular is terrible and if he is only paying $2 more a bag he is using terrible granular.

    I have an account that will only let me use granular because they think it is "safer" than liquid because it does not have an odor. I cant get them to drop me. I raise prices thru the roof and they resign.:hammerhead:

    This site is 4 acres. So here is my opinion.

    The ONLY granular that ever worked was old momentum with chlopyralid. Guess what you cant get anymore.

    Granular apps will give you minimal results.

    Here is the kicker in my opinion. What about a spot spray? IPM? Scouting and treating? Why blanket every property every time? That is just plain irresponsible.

    I hate using granular for so many reasons.

    Find a real applicator. Dont let him feed you a line of crap about getting out and applying to wet lawns.

    Find a used 50 gal or buy a synergy until you can justify a larger purchase. I got my first 50 gal sprayer for $200 and 4 years later it is still in production.
  2. Tscape

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    Granular is that bad. It boils down to the fact that the pesticide (weed control product) is mixed in with particles of fertilizer that are much larger and don't bond with the pesticide. This could be considered good because what fertilizer particle ever stuck to the leaf of grass anyway, right? Wrong. The pesticide ends up being a dust that floats up and sideways as much as it goes down (presumably to stick to a leaf of grass under your spreader, which it will do because it's wet, right?). This creates product that drifts and will harm off target plants. It breaks rule number one of the laws in most states; control your drift.
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    wow, ok, thanks ... i can't believe they actually make it then.

    if anyone else wants to weigh in that would be great.

    weird part is, companies must be buying and using this stuff such as fert with trimec or surge or they wouldnt make it .. ill trust you guys though
  4. turf hokie

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    Some guys use it around here because it is exempt from 48 hr notification laws.

    Other guys use it b/c they are not restricted use products and dont need a license to buy them.

    Basically the non-licensed, or scrub guys would be using these products in my opinion.
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    Applying to wet grass is still hit or miss at best. Mostly miss. I had a special request from Prince to use weed control on fert and did it after a rain (no it was not purple). Not only was it inefective on his dandies but it smoked a couple his shrubs. Oh ya, I had a devil of a time getting
  6. causalitist

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    thank you for specifically addressing my question. i am now convinced. :)

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