Granular vs. Liquid App?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Classified, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Classified

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    I know that I could find this answer by scouring the net and reading some books. I am just trying to get a head start. maybe there is an easy answer, im not sure.

    I just took and passed my pesticide lic and the whole time everything was about liquid application. NOTHING about granular application.

    All I planned on applying was a granular fert/pest but now that i have gone through this training im confused if one is better than another. im not sure why they only spoke of liquid.

    Is there one clear advantage over the other?

    The only one i can see is that liquid apps is more expensive up front and require more labor between mixing and cleaning.

    Can any of you send me in the right direction or at least start to explain the diference between the two?
  2. garydale

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    IMO Spraying is faster,more expensive, easier to do and can cause homeowner to question if he got what he's paying for.

    Spraying takes less equipment and the nutrients are comparible.
  3. wiseguyslawn

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    granulars will provide all the micronutrients essential for healthy turf. I use granular pre emerge and grub control. Only use liquid post emerge for best control of broadleafs.
  4. turfsolutions

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    For me, granular is the quickest and therefore cheapest to apply when applying organic fert, pre m, and grub. I do spray post emergant broadleaf and fungicides. I also mix in some Iron and soil enhancers as well when spraying.
  5. tyler_mott85

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    I am confused about this as well, but as i am still looking at prices for all my options i haven't put a calculator into it yet. I hear of tons of companies around here that spread granular fertilizer and use a truck mount tank to spray for weeds. To me, walking over a yard twice is twice as expensive as walking around a yard once. I could be wrong.
    Maybe the additional cost of a decent liquid fertilizer or a granular fert with pesticide mixed in outweighs the benefits of doing twice the work in a day.
    Of course if you have a ride-on spreader you can do two at once and end up saving pesticide if you dont have any weeds to kill. But for a start-up venture there are few options to help with this question. Perma-green has their drop in sprayer for a push spreader. You still have the need for a tank in your truck to hold your spray so you might as well drop the extra cash for a pump so you can just spray liquid de-icer during winter months. Thats all I've got on this one, ladies and gents.
  6. Mscotrid

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    There is not enough space for all the info you will need but here is a simple as I can put it.

    Liquid will require a larger tank to spray out of imo a minimum of 300 gallon tank is needed to offset the daily production. I would also recommend mechanical agitation if I was going to do liquids. You can get agitation out of triple jet tank but the mixing will be time consuming and keeping in suspension is key.

    All apps need to be watered in for effectiveness to be complete whether dry or liquid. Liquid will also give you flexibility more than granular. With granular you are limited by the manufactures choices. With liquid you can add additional products and adjust daily if needed.

    You might see a faster response from liquids but if mowed off prior to being irrigated will effect long term results. It's not uncommon to combination of liquid and dry treatments.

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