Grapes of Wrath....

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mower_babe, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Hi fellas - I am full of questions today..ok, concerning concord grape vines. If you know anything about them, help me out here. We are taking down the oldest, gnarliest looking concord grape vine today here and as we are taking it down, I tried one and yummmmyyyy. I never tried one and now I want one, just not where it is currently.

    ~So, how hard is it to start a vine - should I be taking a cutting or can you do that? I have looked in the very few books that I have and I read nothing about grape plant propogation - just trimming and training.

    ~Also, how long after I plant one, will I get grapes?

    ~And I was considering making an arbor of sorts with a nice sitting area - like a gazebo, but more rectangular as opposed to octagonal or whatever---and I was wondering if grapevines would be a good option there - to run above the structure- and if they carry with them any problems - like insects or whatever. If the shelter area is covered in grape vines that would be kind of cool.

    Thanks guys.:blob1:
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    I have limited knowledge of grapes, but.....
    You can take cuttings and propogate them,
    from what i remember they do get a mildew or some such so they need some care to get good quality grapes.
    Grape arbors are nice in the right location,but remember that grapes are vigorous growers.
    Not much help but I'm sure you'll get more.
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    thanks dvm. I have heard of that mildew problem. The current vine, well we took it out today, it has had absolutley NO attention for probably 10 years and the grapes were wonderful. I am not so worried about the fact that they are vigorous growers, as I will definitely follow the book on how to trim and hopefully keep it under control--one concern though - was the weight of the vines on the structure. just a thought.
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    Grape trellises or arbors where big things back in the days of people living on farms rather than in the city.(my grandmother had one)Just build a sturdy structure and enjoy!(there is a good bit of weight when full of grapes)
    By the way I think it takes to the second year to get any real amount of grapes.
    As well you can buy new vines relatively cheap.
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    All you need to do is take one of the small vine stringers and bury part of it in the ground while its still on the vine. Hold it in place with a piece of wire and it should root. After you see roots on the stringer cut it off from the vine, dig it up and replant it.

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