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    I really hope everyone has graphics on thier vehicles, As this is an area I thought I had covered and failed miserably at this year. I have beautiful graphics on 3 vehicles, and had a boxvan at the graphics shop for 2 weeks before the season really started Nov. 1.

    In a comedy of errors:

    one truck had a locked up A/c compressor and it will not come out due to stripped bolts. And yes, I have used every tool made for that situation to remove them. I will have to cut that thing out of the truck.

    My beloved bus was run out of diesel fuel by a very inconsiderate employee and only recently came back from the mechanic after a 600 dollar repair.

    A spare full size van transmission went out.

    And the Box van just sat at the sign shop and never got done. I'll tell that story another time.

    Needless to say, I rented a toyota tundra truck from enterprise for me to drive,do bids and buy cords, wire, etc that goes with running this business. My truck that has graphics is pulling the trailer that has graphics. So it looks awesome. I also have the Odyssey mini-van, that is nice looking, perfect for small jobs, but no graphics to help sell more jobs. The box van is newer, and runs great, but has shadows of the removed graphics of the previous company, and does not exactly scream of a company that has been in business for as long as I have.

    I really think having 3 out of 4 trucks running this year without graphics will cost me 2-4 clients this year, maybe more. I hope other folks have had better luck than I in this department.

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