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Graphite paint on mower deck?


LawnSite Member
I was at Tractor Supply today and saw a graphite spray paint intended for farm equipment and lawn mowers. It is suppose to prevent the clumping of grass on the mower deck. I was wondering if anyone has tried this sort of product and if so does it work? I have tried silicone spray before but it doesn't seem to last long enough.

PS. Tractor supply has a ton of useful things for a lco(tires for mowers way cheaper then dealer price, rims, cheap fertilizer and seed, and a ton of cool things for trailer. For you jersey guys (rt 57 Washington twp., NJ)


LawnSite Member
I've used that stuff under my Toro deck before and it was decent. I only bought one can of it and wasn't able to find it again so I didn't get to mess with it much. It worked better than nothing, but I wouldn't say it's all that great either.


LawnSite Member
River Falls WI
just spend a few hours earlier today sanding/cleaning/preping my mower deck for graphite paint. i put 4 coats on, the stuff trys very quickly. I used the stuff from Tractor supply called EZ-Slide. Bought one gallon and brushed it on. teshing it out tomorrow on 7 lawns. Its been very rainy here and am tired of scraping so much grass off my mower. will repost the results of the paint.


LawnSite Fanatic
Just throwing this out there-try Fluid Film. The stuff works great on my mowers as well as prevents rust and is also a lubricant. You can PM Dano50 for a sample. Good luck!

Shasta Lake Landscaping

LawnSite Senior Member
Upstate, Ny
I just take a few minutes and clean the deck out, it doesnt have to be super clean, whats it take 60seconds to get down and scrape it out? I just use a plastic scraper so it doesnt chip the paint. Its also a good time to check thing's out underneath your deck.