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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by P.Services, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. P.Services

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    i have it narrowed down to one of these grapples, i will by buying one of them for sure within the next week. i just cant decide what one i like more. the bradco has no gussets between the lower tines so to me it looks like it will be able to dig deeper into the soil. the eagle talon looks like it will only dig in 8'' or so before the gussets start to push like a dozer blade.

    what other advantages/disadvantages can you guys see to each one?

    this is going on a ct332 so im trying to decide what width i want to go with also? 72'' 78'' or 84'' there is a $1000 difference between the 72'' and the 84'' do you think its worth the grand for the extra width??

    any opinions are welcome!!
  2. minimax

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    I like the bradco,the no gussets between the lower tines will really help keep the load clean,and the bradco has a tree pusher bar and a welded on d-ring.
    I would want a grapple that will cover the tracks of the CTL.

  3. Majesticman

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  4. ksss

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    I bought this one from Quick Attach. I used it last year to clear densely forested lots. It is very well built grapple. I liked it over the clam shell bucket because it is more versatile. The two independent grapples are better than one solid grapple. As fas as size get it at least as wide as the machine.
  5. P.Services

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    any more thoughts??????? putting the order in tomorrow
  6. bigw

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    Why is it ok for you to ask for advice but if someone else does it you want to say they are looking for a pat on the back or just showing off? I mean who cares that you are buying a grapple bucket are you trying to impress someone? This is how you sound in my post so how's it feel to be on the end of it?
  7. ksss

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    Which one are you going to get?
  8. P.Services

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    im about 95% sure im going to get the bradco in a 72'' model. i just dont think the extra 12'' is worth the $1000 extra. if it was a mower maybe, but im going to use this to move and load logs and big fire wood chunks so i cant see the extra 12'' being that important.

    some/alot of the reason im going to get the bradco is because john deere is going to finance it for me so i dont have to tie up money right before spring and i really need to stop paying in cash all the time because i have nill for credit. im a little worried that the lower teeth will bend or break with no gussets but it also has a 2 year warranty so if something does happen im sure it will within the first two years.

    i really cant wait to get one, chasing logs and fire wood all day with a dirt bucket gets old after a while. every one says its the best attachment they have bought so i think it will pay for its self fast.
  9. P.Services

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    not even going to get into it.
  10. Construct'O

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    Might just ask them why they are charging the extra grand for just 12".

    You realize they will change the price of the 84" one,just after you order yours.:usflag:

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