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Grashopper 725d diesel or 729 gas

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I am looking an a frontmount grasshopper with a 52 inch deck and pos. and extra 60 inch deck, non powerfold, with 15 cub metal hoppers

I need a mower that can power through tall and short grass, and bag all the time,

will the gas kubota 29 hrs be enough power or should i run the 25 hrs diesel

Fuel savings?

Life Longevity"


Please help so i dont buy the wrong unit

also, i am planning on get a fuel tank for my business, and am wondering what fuel discounts tend to be for buying in bulk, this will also determine my choice

Diesel in Toledo is 2.90 a gal
gas is 2.40

do the math! what is the better buy???????
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Greener, the diesel will last twice as long, burn less fuel (off-road diesel at that), and require less maintenance. You could equalize its extra cost by not getting the second deck. It won't be much faster (and no faster in tall stuff) and it's mighty heavy to lift manually.

The vacuum system also increases the cost but it works as efficiently as any I've seen. I got mine (with the 25' hopper) mainly for leaves, though I'm now mowing more and more with it. Put some car polish on the hopper floor to help the leaves slide out.
The GH collects in a rear caster-wheel hopper that you can open from the seat. That one holds 15 cu ft; the bigger bagger bugger (sorry, it's been a long day) is 25 cu ft. The smaller fills fast; the bigger gets heavy for a unit that doesn't have the best traction.

I got the 25 drop-shipped in a factory carton. As simple as it is, the assembly was astonishingly hard. If you buy new, let the dealer put it together.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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